Om ji kachori wala,Chawadi bazaar (Dilli-6)

The historical capital, Delhi is a foodie’s paradise. From street food to international cuisines, Delhi as we lovingly call ‘dilli’ can blow your mind in every expanse. To celebrate yet another street food, lets head to the ‘dilli-6’

Every Sunday morning, ‘Om ji  kachori wala ‘ is set to serve his customers who come from different part of Delhi/NCR just to break their fast with delicious dal and aloo kachori serverd garma garam with aloo sabji.


Interesting fact about Om ji Kachori wala is that he only opens shop on Sunday, and fans of his kachori wait for Sundays to enjoy his delicious kachori. Rest of week Mr. Bhargaw runs a tea stall located in the midst of regular old Delhi hustle and bustle near Chawadi Bazaar metro station.


Om ji kachori wala serves two kinds of kachoris, one with a mixture of lentils and the other with potato mixture. Unlike other kachorie walas, here, kachoris are double fried till they turn crispy. Yes, you read that right,the kachoris here are not khasta! They are fried twice. In the first round, the half fried kachoris are taken out from the oil pan to be crushed and then deep fried in the second round; this gives the kachoris extra crispiness. And then it is served with an aloo curry, along with a spoon of dhaniya mirch chatney to add flavors to it. So spicy that it will turn your ears red!
From almost 60 years this tradition of taste has been carried forward by Mr. Rajesh Bhargaw ji, son of Om Prakash Bhargaw ji who started serving these tasty kachoris. Very few people know about Om ji kachori wala, as it opens only on Sundays. But its very popular among old delhites. And fan following is so strong that people travel from far away even after they have shifted out of old Delhi.
Location: 3408 gali hakim bak street , near stander sweet shop , chawadi bazar , near chawadi bazar metro station . (ask for standerd sweet shop, if you don’t find the place easily . you will find the om ji kachori wala just next to it.)
Timing: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. only on Sundays
Price: Rs. 16/plate (2pc)
1. Walking distance from Chawadi Bazaar Metro Station
2. Ask to crush the kachori before serving (i love it that way ).
3. Don’t get lost, ask the locals for the direction.
4 Only open on Sunday mornings.
 Till then enjoy 🙂

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