Lotan chole wala , Chandani chock (Dilli-6)

He scoops out chole from a copper vessel, tops it with aloo and masala (the red spicy concentration with a choice of less, medium, or “at your own risk” 😉 ), but trust me, his less is not less than any atom bomb of spice. 😀 Then a spoonful of aamchur-chutney, a sprinkle of garam masala and a garnish of hara dhanya (fresh coriander) and finely chopped ginger to top it off, placed along side a plate of kulcha.


This, my friends, is highly recommended for the hot spice lover (and the calorie conscious :D)

Men patiently wait their turn. Wonder where I’m taking you today?? With a cold breeze and over night rain shower leading to the weekend, get up guys, from you beds, take the metro to Chawadi Bazaar and join me for this hot spicy breakfast at non other than “Loten Chole wale”. If you find some crowd of people moving toward a narrow street of Chawadi Bazaar, then you are on the right track.
A man serving people with soulful food made with his secret recipe every morning since 1920; and now his tradition has been carried forward by his grandson, Mahaveer, 40, every morning without fail.

They have been continuously ranked as the undisputed number 1 winner for chhole by nearly all big news and research agencies like Times, Hindu etc. but still they have never thought of expanding into franchises or moving into shops but are content with serving in the tiny lane of Chandni Chowk and delight their customers.

Lotan ke Chhole Kulche



Location: 2363 , chatta shahji , chwari bazar , Delhi 6(near T point when you move towards Nayi Sadak from metro station) , one can’t reach lotan by just knowing the address but will have to keep asking natives for the direction

Timing7.30 AM to 10.30 AM

Price – 50-100 for two


  1. Go early in the morning to reach the place as it can be crowded on weekends .
  2. Find a safe place near the stall to enjoy chole kulche because there is no proper sitting arrangement and most of people enjoy standing .
  3. Ask for the very less spicy chola’s as its very spicy .
  4. Carry a water bottle in case you find it spicy :P.
  5. ask for the channa soup , (for it you have to pay extra money for disposable glass and ask for a cube of butter to add, it add extra flavor to the soup.
  6. Don’t get lost , ask the natives for the direction.

  Till then enjoy 🙂




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