Honestly, blogging has been the last thing on my mind recently.

Few years back, I moved to Delhi from Rajasthan after completing my graduation to start my entrepreneurial journey and go on a new adventure.

Being a craft designer, I was lucky to get to travel to many parts of India. Since childhood  I’ve been  fascinated  with street food. I was lucky to enjoy some really mouthwatering dishes severed on the streets of Delhi 6 . While working at Delhi 6, I discovered some really awesome stalls (interesting facts about  them where, few just open for 2-3hr on a particular time and some on special weekdays ), some were new and some were carried out from generations with their secrete recipes.

But many of my fellow bloggers have written about them, and now they are not new to the world.

Here the interesting challenge arose, so I decided to revel and share all those adventures with desi vendors (street food sellers ) around streets which are still undiscovered by common man .

This blog celebrates the taste of true India which lies on the street corners (wo khete hai na jo maza thele wale ki panipoori  me hai wo maza haldiraam me bhi nahi ;D)

I invite you all to join me on this mouth-watering journey of re-discovering street food.

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If you want  to share your secret street-food vendor with us than write to me @ adityalpu.101@gmail.com

If you enjoyed street food vendors directed by me than use #foodiechora on instagram to share your experience…I would love about hear them.

Till then…


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